Customer Comments:
Nashville, TN

"We're in Seafood Heaven!  We cannot believe how spoiled we have gotten with your fresh seafood.  When we go to a restaurant now (we travel a lot) we avoid ordering seafood!  We have found ourselves staying home and looking forward to creating wonderful dishes with our weekly order.  Gift giving now is a no brainer!"

The Bailey Family

E. Lansing, MI

"The best thing for me about Christmas is finding just the right thing to give people you love and this was a perfect 10!   The seafood arrived today as you promised and I can't thank you enough for making it happen.  You have a new customer for life!"

L Verderese

Atlanta, GA

"Ron, I haven't encountered service like you have provided in a long time.  Your personal interest in the customer is awesome.  I buy many food items online and no one comes close to yours!"

A. Bresciani

Gladstone, MO

"Ron, I cannot rave enough about the wonderful quality, freshness, and taste of your red snapper.  We have been a member of a Gourmet Club for over 30 years and your fish made this one of our most memorable dinners.  Our theme for this night's gathering was "Seaside" and with your snapper all we were missing was the sound of the ocean!!"

V. Stewart

 Fargo, North Dakota

 "I am writing to thank you for your excellent, personal customer service. My parents received the order today and were very happy with the quality of the seafood you sent. I will be ordering from you again in the future. Thanks again!"

   K Giese

  Kane, PA

 "Ron, Thank you!  You continue to amaze me with your outstanding service, not to mention your delicious seafood - it's the best I've ever tried.  I have and will continue to spread the good word about Charleston Seafood.  Keep up your great work! 

  R McDonald II

  Westin, Florida

 "You're the best!   We love your fish and customer service.  Ron, who else in business takes the time to write a note like you did about our order?  Thank you!"

   E. Intermaggio

  Bloomington, IL

 "Once again...the freshest, best fish ever!  We just spent a week at Clearwater Beach, FL and nothing we got from the fresh seafood market could begin to compare to what we get from you."  

  C Walters

  Cape Cod, Mass

 "I bought salmon, shrimp, scallops, and crab cakes for my Mom for Mother's Day.  They arrived  right in time and were perfectly packaged to preserve the freshness.  It turns out that sending her fish was much better than the usual flowers!  I plan to shop with you again real soon."

  P Tufano

  Riverside, California

  "Thank you for the best service! Everything  was delivered to the grandparents with recipes and  our greetings. It was on time and still cold even though they live 100 miles from the main delivery hub in Oklahoma. Thank you for caring enough about your product to see that it is delivered perfectly where ever it goes." 

  L. Shrode

New York, New York

"I ordered some shrimp and scallops from you again this Christmas for my family.  The seafood was incredible and enjoyed by everyone.  I will order again for the Holidays next year for sure.  Thanks,"

S Caputo

Aurora, Oregon

"I just wanted to thank you for the great care you took in packaging and shipping my order.  It arrived in excellent condition!  I will be letting all of my friends and family know of your excellent products and service." 

T Gumaer

North Syracuse, New York

"Thank you for sending me my 10 lb order of conch meat.  It arrived on schedule and was in excellent condition upon arrival.  You folks did a super job in the whole process and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results.  The conch is as fresh as could be....I have been to Crooked Island Bahamas and am familiar with the smell and taste of conch...Bahama conch is the best in the world and your order arrived as if it had just been taken from the sea......thank you so much in helping me acquire the conch and you can bet I will order again from " a very customer oriented seafood company"!  Congratulations to all the people who work at Charleston Seafood.!!

R Carelli

Fenton, Michigan

Add me to your fast growing list of satisfied and returning customers!   I sent a gift basket of flounder, jumbo lump crabmeat and jumbo shrimp to my cousin in NY last week, and she is still raving about it!   The order arrived on time, intact and everything was fresh and delicious!!  I am about to place another order for my family here in MI and look forward to receiving it.  I am a transplanted Virginian, who grew up eating fresh seafood from Eastern shore and Carolinas and have yet to find the quality and freshness that I crave for here in the Midwest!  Thanks so much!!

MJ  Teall

Carson, New Mexico

"Lobster, shrimp, mussels, oysters.  Wow what a treat!  Everything was better than I expected and will do another feast soon"

Dick Van Horn

Gaffney, SC

"This was the second time we have ordered from you folks and another success story.  The 2 lobsters (biggest) we ordered were wonderful.  My wife was concerned that they might be tough once cooked because of their size.  But that comment was soon forgotten once she had that first bite.  The claw meat was the sweetest claw meat I've had in years.  The easy to follow instructions you include make any novice a pro cooking your lobsters. 

Thanks again for making another dinner party a success!"

M Campbell

Rockford, MI

"We received your order last Friday and I had to tell you how pleased we were.  The lobsters and crab meat were the finest and freshest we have had.  The flounder was magnificent.  Very fresh and sweet.  I look forward yet to the Snapper and Shrimp which we froze.   Thanks again.  I am really impressed by your company."

Bruce Albright

Camden, TN

"The latest order just arrived and it is was awesome!  I just want to say thanks to Carolyn and the owners for providing such great service and quality in the product. It is so rare today to be able to rely on anyone to "deliver the goods". The fish are wonderful and arrive in good shape every time. We really appreciate the thoughtful assistance of Carolyn in keeping us in products. Thanks so much! If it were not for Charleston Seafood, we would be living on a diet of fried catfish and Mrs. Paul's!!

 Phil Hollis

Llano, CA

"I'm sending this e-mail to thank you for the prompt and as-scheduled delivery of my order AND the EXCELLENT monkfish that I selected.  WOW!!!  I should have ordered TWICE the amount; what a beautiful, delicious fish!!!!! OH!!  It's all I can think about.  You have just gained a loyal customer who will tell ALL of her friends about Charleston Seafood and the high quality of outstanding seafood.  Thank you, once again.

Laura A. Flynn

Shamong, NJ

"The live lobsters I ordered for Valentine's Day arrived on-time, lively, and ready for cooking.  They were a tremendous surprise for my special someone, and they made for a fabulously special dinner.  I will definitely be using your service again in the future.

Larry DeVries

Cortland, NY

" My very thoughtful brother in sunny Santa Monica, CA recently sent me in snowy Cortland, NY your Charleston Lobster Bake for my 50th birthday.   It was delicious, fun, and most memorable. It even made me forget about the four feet of snow on my back deck.  I will share your web site with my friends and spread seafood joy."

Karen Seibert

Hudson, Wisconsin

"...we wanted to let you know that our lobsters that we ordered from your company were without a doubt some of the best we have had. We thoroughly enjoyed them right down to the last tasty morsel. You will be hearing form us again, in the future."

Yvonne Carper

Clementon, New Jersey

"I would first like to say that I usually don't write feedback or comments back when everything is in order and is what I expected, however, when I receive special service or that the product I receive is outstanding, well I make a point of it.  I must say that your company truly deserves accolades for it courteous customer service (I ordered via website, however I called yesterday for a receipt.) and the product I received was wonderful.  It arrived when promised and packaged perfectly.  As a first time customer, you have delighted me and now you have a customer for life.  I also know that my party guess enjoyed it and will also be ordering from you.

Paul Fulginiti

Boiling Springs, South Carolina

"I just wanted to thank everyone who took care of my order.  My wife and I had a dinner party featuring your lobster and shrimp for a boil that was WONDERFUL.  This was the first time we had ever done a boil and our guest  just loved the seafood.  You have a customer for life as well as 3 other couples that made sure they did not leave without us giving them your web address and phone number.  Thank you!" 

Michael Doherty

Boca Raton, Florida

"Just received our second order from you. Made Le Bernardin's salmon spread. As their book says that the key to the best results is the
freshest product available, used your fresh and smoked salmon. Also served your fresh shrimp and jumbo lump crabmeat. All were wonderful - everyone we served them to raved.

Your seafood is great, fresh, flavorful, high quality. Your service is also top rate."

David Gideon

Indianapolis, Indianna

"Thank you for your great seafood and even better service. Being from the Midwest, we don't get the freshest/best seafood available at our stores. I've ordered from other seafood retailers online and on the phone and honestly was not impressed with their seafood. You guys are the best- thanks to a suggestion from whomever took my order, I ordered your local shrimp- it was FABULOUS. Your lobsters were great too- thanks to another suggestions, I was able to save a money and have them delivered to my office on a Friday- and they were still alive on Sunday. Everything was delicious. I am so glad I watched that episode of Food Finds on the Food Network!

Liberty Wilken

Bartlett, Tennesse

"I moved to Memphis three years ago from White Plains, NY.  The biggest adjustment I had t make was not having the variety of seafood's and veggies.  I can't tell you how excited and pleased I am with the quality of your products!!  I placed my second order today and am really excited that you have added conch to you list of wonderful seafood's! Keep up the good work and I have already emailed at least 15 friends to tell them about the quality of your product."

Barbara Rose

Charlotte, North Carolina

"I received my order on today, and the seafood looks great and veryfresh!  I am really pleased with the amount of time it took to receivemy order.  You have just gained a life long customer, and I will sharemy satisfaction with all of my family and friends here in Charlotte.
Thanks again for your 5 Star Service!"

Michele Wright

Richmond Hill, New York

"I just wanted to say that the fish that I ordered was
the freshest fish/seafood that I have ever ordered. Myfamily also agrees to this statement. The quality ofyour product also has no equal. I look forward todoing more business with your company in the future.  Thanks Again for great seafood. "

Tom Dziki

Franklin, Tennessee

I came across your site through a search for someone that could provide me with fresh lemonfish (cobia).  ... I'll admit that I was prepared to be disappointed but I was just curious enough to risk the cash.  ... The fish was wonderfully fresh and the filets were perfect.  A simple sauté with some Creole seasoning and fish fry made for a great meal that I hadn't experienced since we moved away from New Orleans seven years ago.

Thanks and you now have a customer for life."

Edward Forrester

Cleveland, Ohio

This was my first experience with your company and it could not have been better.  I needed a "new house warming" gift for a couple who is a connoisseur of fine foods and wines.  In addition to the success of the snapper, I also sent them the jumbo crab. Living on the east coast they have access to fresh crab anytime they so desire.  Their comment on the crab was that it was the finest looking and tasting crab they have enjoyed. You offer a very unique way for me to thank people on special occasions. One of these days I will get around to personally experiencing your offerings.  Thank you. 

Dave Stetler

San Luis Obispo, CA

I wanted to let all of you know and of course Caroline that our order arrived and both my husband and I are very impressed.  Our local shrimp is seasonal and we make do with farmed shrimp but no more......The shrimp was fabulous...wonderful flavor...I had never had monkfish and have never seen it offered locally so I was a novice on this one but SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!  Your packing method kept the fish chilled all the way through....Gee, I guess that means we were quite happy...Thank you again and we will be ordering from your company in the future.."

Hilary Young

Adams, North Dakota

I can't tell you enough how much those of us who live in Adams, North Dakota appreciate your company. My husband and I lived for many years on the East coast and now that we have moved to Adams we have had a food source cut off---fresh seafood. Last March we ordered from you and I thought what a wonderful way to celebrate this Valentines Day but with an order from Charleston Seafood.

After looking over your web site I could not find cohogs so I sent an e-mail and within 30 seconds I had a reply from Carolyn with the great news that she could get them for me with a couple days notice.  Needless to say everything arrived Friday about two pm.  Our guests had never had fresh lobster nor any type of clams and are now hooked on the stuff.

I just wanted to say thank you for great employees like Carolyn and for making life on the prairies better." 


Deland, Florida

Wow!   Are these ever special,   or what! I ordered ... rainbow trout, 2.5 lbs,  butterflied.   They came Wednesday afternoon,  on time,   fresh as they were when they were cleaned for me and packed the day before!   I vacuum sealed and froze them immediately,   except for 2 which we had for Thursday breakfast as a surprise to my bride of 52 years.   THEY WERE AS DELICIOUS AS IF WE WERE ON A STREAM BANK EATING THEM AS WE CAUGHT THEM! Thank you so much for such a perfect product!!!" 
Warm regards,

Dick Brunning

Medley, Florida

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the way you handled my order. You made me feel like I was your most important customer.

Honestly, when I made that special request that the fish be sealed in 1lb, I did so knowing that the request would likely cause my order to be delayed...when in actuality my order arrived 1 day earlier than I expected! (Yes! UPS 2nd day....arrived overnight!).  You must have some really good connections at UPS, which is not all that surprising....if you treat them as nicely as you treat me.

Thanks again, have a fabulous day! (I know I will-thanks to you.)


Dearwood, Minnesota

"I was absolutely ecstatic to receive our shipment of scallops from you… It allows us seafood lovers of the Midwest the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood literally within hours.  Our dinner party was a great success thanks to you and the scallops were the hit of the dinner. Awesome!  Thanks also goes to Carolyn for her friendly and courteous people skills. We will certainly trust you to fill our seafood orders in the future.  Thanks Again For Everything,"

Elaine and Mike Kneeland
Jackson, Tennessee

"I wanted to let you know  how delighted I was to discover your web sight. It will be wonderful to have fresh fish and seafood available again. I also want you to know how helpful and informative Caroline is. She returned my call very promptly and was a great help to me in making my selections. She is so personable , courteous and patient. It was a pleasure dealing with her."

 Rebecca Douglas-Lyman

Longmont, Colorado

"I just wanted to let you know that you have a customer for life!!!! Being from N.H., I am what you could call a "seafood snob".  When I moved to
Colorado I was so disappointed that I could not get great seafood without paying an arm and a leg for it.  I received my order a week ago, and made
the Sea Scallops for dinner. Oh my God! They have got to be some of the best I have ever had, and likewise for my dinner guests! I can't wait to cook the Amberjack fish I bought as well. Thanks for bringing seafood into my life again! :)"

Shana Corbin
Nashville, Tennessee

"I just wanted to let you know that the seafood we received from you was fabulous! … The seafood arrived exactly as promised, Christmas Eve morning, and the cold packs were still frozen. The seafood was as fresh as could be, and tasted absolutely delicious! We feasted all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was almost like being back on the Eastern Shore of Virginia again. We are already planning to place another order soon, and we plan to make Charleston Seafood a Christmas tradition. We will tell all our friends about you!"

Tina Hardy

Minneapolis, Minnesota

I just wanted to let you know that our lobster order scheduled to arrive on December 24th was safely delivered as requested.  They were excellent!  This was our first experience ordering from you and I can assure you it won't be
our last.  Many thanks and Happy New Year."

Rich Osborn
St. Louis, Missouri

"We received our order on time, just as your Customer Service person advised we would.  She was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about your products.  We cannot wait to prepare our seafood dishes for Xmas Day.  Thank you,"

Lee Johnson

College Station, Texas

"On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving I called your company to see if I could get some Clams and Mussels.  A wonderfully helpful person named Carolyn assisted me.  She went out of her way to be helpful and friendly.  The seafood I received was all wonderful and because of Carolyn's efforts on my behalf my Thanksgiving was a great success.  I just wanted you to know how great it is to find a company that not only has wonderful merchandise but has really friendly and helpful employees."

C. Sheffield
Paris, Tennessee

I just wanted to let you know that your seafood arrived via FedEx just a few minutes ago. I opened the package and was thrilled to find that everything was still quite cold and none of the gelpacks had completely thawed. Your packer did a wonderful job adding extra insulation to keep the seafood cold, while it was en route to our rural W. Tennessee address.  We have ordered from your company on 2 previous occasions and have been very pleased with your product quality and customer service. We look forward to enjoying the fresh seafood and ordering more from you. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Michael And Peg Mowrey
Denver, Colorado

"I’ve lived just outside Denver for 7 years now. My wife and I are constantly on the search for good seafood, we had decided that there really isn’t any, until I found you guys. So the cooking is a little work, but there is no substitution for your quality, freshness and reliability. I’m sure you will be getting more orders from us and our friends. Thanks again for Charleston Seafood’s prompt service."

Michael P.

Buffalo, New York

"Just wanted to say that our fish shipment arrived last Friday (as expected) and in excellent condition.  It was wrapped, identified and dated professionally.  We tried the snapper for dinner and I must say that it was outstanding.  Your customer service is also outstanding and informative with an excellent "ethic".  It has been a pleasure ordering from "Charleston Seafood".  Will certainly continue to order more seafood.  Thanks. "

Gene Hale

Baltimore, Maryland

"After my folks visited the east cost a few months ago from Nebraska, they raved about the lobsters...over and over.... For Mother's Day, I decided to have you ship live 1.5-1.75 lb lobsters for my parents and family.  When the phone rang the day they arrived, all I could hear was screaming!  They cooked them that night and swear they must've *just* come out of the sea--and they have been singing *my* praises
since--thank you for making me so popular !"

Amy C.

Denver, Colorado

"I want to thank you for making the poker game a great success.  I had ordered 2/100's of the littlenecks  a few weeks back, they were great.  I
will certainly order more in the future!!!!!!!!!   thanks again  (Land Locked in Colorado)."

Kevin Deitsch


Camden, Tennessee

"Thank you for the excellent fish!! The order arrived on time and in good shape. The salmon and tuna were terrific. We have searched for a way to have great seafood added to our menu:  now we've found it. Thanks to all,"

Phil Hollis


Parker, Colorado

"Yesterday we received the 2 - 2.25 lb lobsters, lump crab meat, and jumbo shrimp that we ordered the day before. The lobsters were still frisky when they arrived by 9:30 AM (MST) via Fed Ex and they were delicious when we cooked them about 4PM (MST). The meat was very tender and sweat!

This morning my wife fixed some of the lump crab meat for breakfast. It is fantastic! We have not yet tried the shrimp, but we are confident it will likewise be very, very good.

Thank you for this fresh, fresh seafood. Living in Colorado, it is not easy to get "just caught" Atlantic seafood. The lobsters were served on my wife's birthday. It is a dinner she will never forget. We will be ordering again and we will let our friends know about your company."

Very best regards,
Irving & Joan M. Williams II


Ulyyses, Kansas

"Wanted to let you know your order arrived on time in Ulysses KS of all places. The food was so fresh we thought we were back on the coast. We shared with two other families who now have you on their 'favorites'."

Gary Rhoads


Chicago, Illinois

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with my recent order. The 'fresh' shrimp I can get in the Chicago area doesn't compare to yours--and your service is always great. Thanks for making yummy seafood available, and Happy New Year!"

Marcie Molek         

Detroit, Michigan

"Thanks to you our holiday feast was a tremendous success. The seafood we received couldn't have been fresher if we still lived in Florida. Everything was packaged expertly, so tell your employees to keep up their excellent work. We will definitely order from your company again. ( Jill was so helpful) THANKS AGAIN !!!!!!" 

The Estes Family

Seattle, Washington

"I am a Baltimore transplant living in Seattle and around here when you talk crab you're talking Dungeness.  Your delivery of 3 lbs of jumbo lump made our Christmas Eve dinner a very special one.  It was delivered exactly when promised and as fresh as I've ever had it. Thank you - we look forward to doing it again soon!"

Susan Melrath  

Fairmont, Minnesota

"I live in the mid-west, however, I grew up on the East Coast.  Finding quality seafood with affordable pricing is difficult to say the least here in Minnesota. Your menu of seafood is terrific and with these prices, a person just can't go wrong here! Thanks so much."  Sincerely,

Chantel Ettesvold           

Midland, Texas

"I received my order exactly as promised and in perfect condition as if I just came from the local fish store (Texas fish leaves a lot to be desired). Since moving from Boston to Texas, finding squid tubes of the 5-8" variety is impossible. I now can cook squid the way I like it. I will definitely be reordering from your company.  Thank you."

Mr. James H. Doucette

Hawthorne, California

"I received my order today via fed-x next day,  two pounds of jumbo crabmeat. Wow..., you're not kidding when you say jumbo. Everything was as it should be. the packaging was perfect, the seafood fresh, and delivered on the day I specified. If I had known it was this easy, I would have ordered a long time ago. Thank you.

Beatrice White 

Tifton, Georgia

"I received my order today and had the Salmon for dinner tonight.  It was delicious.  I am very happy I have a source for fresh seafood here in
southern Georgia.  I recently moved down here from Boston and I guess I was
spoiled up there in terms of getting good, fresh seafood.  You can expect
repeat orders from me. Thank you."

David Doty, MD

Batesville, Arkansas

"...the Swordfish was the best I ever had, the shrimp were outstanding, the Halibut as good as in Alaska.   I just placed a big order for more shrimp and fish... Thanks again"

Joe Swafford

Mathews, North Carolina

"It was delightful to open my first seafood order from you and to have the
order actually smell like fresh fish, instead of encountering the heavy odor
that fish in a grocery store can have. The catfish and shrimp were so good it
was startling. Your web site was a valuable find and you need to know that
the quality product you provide is appreciated. Thanks,

Toni Shattuck

Fruitland Park, Florida

"I just received my second order from Charleston Seafood, and I had to let you
know how very pleased my family is.  The quality of the scallops, fish, and
shrimp is outstanding.  We've never had better!  What a fabulous eating
experience! Thanks so much,"

Doreen Dangelo

Tampa, Florida

"...this is the third time I've ordered seafood from you all for shipping to my dad in Wisconsin. He's nuts about your shrimp -- he likes it so much that my husband and I are thinking about having some shipped down here to Florida sometime, even though we have a pretty abundant supply of the stuff around here."

Sharla Fouquet

Morganton, West Virginia

"I initially learned your store's excellent reputation in the article in WSJ's article in Weekend Journal some time ago, but I never imagined the quality of the fish is so high … Our family tried your fish for this evening, and it was so delicious. As always said, if the fish is good enough, it only has fresh sea breeze, and never has any bad smell. I was surprised when I opened the box in this morning that I did not notice any fishy smell from the box. As a person grew up in Japan where freshly caught fish is easily purchased for household usage, I never thought that in this country I can buy the quality of fish I used to be. Boy, I was wrong. Thanks to your store, now, I can enjoy the taste of fresh fish again."

Hisashi Kono

Troy, North Carolina

"The seafood arrived this morning and we ate most of it tonight.  It was wonderful.  The salmon and shrimp were both very good.  We live in a small town with one grocery store and nowhere to buy fresh seafood.  We will be ordering again soon."

Tim & Peggy Franks

Denver, Colorado

"I just wanted to let you know that the seafood arrived exactly at 12 noon on the 6th of April as I requested and it was the best seafood we have had in 7 years since we left Charleston to move to Colorado. We love it here and would not move back but we do miss our seafood, therefore, I know that we will be ordering more in the future. thanks again."

Sandra Hicks

Charlotte, North Carolina

"My children (in Fishers, Indiana) asked that I convey to you how absolutely  fabulous and wonderful their oyster roast was several weeks ago.  They said the packaged product was 100% effective, the quality of the oysters, etc. were beyond comparison, and that they felt as though they were sitting at
a table in Horry County, South Carolina, enjoying an oyster roast.  How do you do it?  I thank you so much and cannot wait to place another order.

 Glenda C. Stephens

Port Lydon, New York

"Since I was so worried about getting the lobsters on time out here in the 'boonies',  I thought I’d let you know that you were absolutely on target. FedEx delivered them chilly and happy yesterday morning.  They were absolutely the freshest and best that I ever tasted.  The birthday dinner was a fantastic success, thanks to your superb seafood quality and service."

Miriam E. Donaldson, M.D.

Los Angeles, California

"Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how wonderful your seafood and
service are. I'm originally from the Southeast and have lived in California for 10 years. Although we have some wonderful seafood out here, there is nothing to compare with East Coast oysters and blue crab. I made gumbo for my Super Bowl party and it was fabulous with your seafood. I got many kudos.  Also, your service is impeccable and I appreciate your 100% guarantee, although I can't imagine ever needing it. I will definitely be ordering from you again.
Thanks so much,  

Merri Bailey

Sterling Heights, Michigan

"I want to thank you for the best Salmon Dinner. Our order arrived on Saturday in plenty of time for our dinner party.  The color was beautiful, the portions were more then sufficient, it cooked up great on the grill and was enjoyed by all."

Thank you again
Dawn McMullen

Sacramento, California

"I just want to relay the appreciation of all those who joined me for New
Years to partake of the oysters I ordered from you this holiday season.  They
were wonderful to the last one.... we'll be back!"

Neil Wood
Miami, Florida

"My family received their order in Colorado yesterday. Apparently, everything was terrific when it arrived. This is the first time I have ever ordered seafood to be shipped and I am very pleased. I was nervous at first but this order has alleviated my fears. I will be using your company again and passing this information along to all of our friends. Thank you for everything. From the easy online ordering to the nice man who called me back after I had left a message. Your company is tops!!

Patti Verniero

Moorehead, Minnesota

"The grouper we ordered arrived on the day we wanted it; we served it that
night and it was great.  Of course I think it had more to do with my cooking
skills, but nonetheless the product was wonderful.   We will recommend you to
others, and will use your company when we order fresh seafood in the future." 

Mike Hannaher
Clinton, Tennessee

"I received the Crab meat yesterday. Thank you so much. We have already ate some of the fish and I have to tell you it is excellent!  We really enjoyed the Yellow Fin Tuna...I can see me reordering more very soon. Thank you and keep up the great work."

Michael Dale

Temecula, California

"The order got to its destination Wednesday morning cold, fresh and wonderful.  My friends were thrilled to receive it, and said it was the best salmon they have ever had ... He and his wife couldn't get over how well it was packaged and the quality of the fish. ... THANK YOU for making me look like a wonder woman in my friend's eyes."

Mary Venturelli 

Opp, Alabama

"It's nice to know a 'real person' is on the receiving end who applies rational judgment .... I have ordered from you before and have been most pleased with your service and the quality of the products."  

Miriam D.
Lakeville, Indiana

"Our first order was for Swordfish steaks which arrived right on time and fresh.  We froze them and served them on Sunday to guests.  They raved that we could get such fresh fish in the Midwest.  Great job.  I just submitted our second order today.  Here's the recipe, by the way.  Rub steaks with Extra Virgin 0live oil, salt, fresh pepper and lemon juice on both sides.  Grill with some butter in grill pan until done.  Serve with a sauce of heavy cream, Dijon mustard and white wine.  It's super."

Fred W.
Jacksonville, Illinois

"I meant to tell you that the first order was absolutely fabulous. Here in
Central Illinois (the Springfield area) good fresh fish / seafood is hard to
get. We have one big distributor and that it is, but your fish is not any
more expensive and is better. I have never had any better shrimp in this

S. McIntosh
Granger, Indiana
"Growing up in North Carolina, we often enjoyed fresh seafood.  Now that I am married and live in the Midwest, I don't get to enjoy it that often.  I placed an order for 200 clams for a clambake with friends.  I was delighted with the customer service and the freshness of the products.  All my friends raved.  We will order again.  Thanks again!!."
Wendy Turner
Phoenix, Arizona

"Sorry I've taken so long to let you know we got the order of shrimp &
they are absolutely delicious. They were wonderful, sweet & firm, just like
we remember them to be. Thanks again, "

Cliff & Karen Thomas 

Ocoee, Tennessee
"We ordered shrimp, scallops, flounder, and salmon steaks. Did we ever hit the jackpot , talking about being the hit of the whitewater rafters , the seafood was delivered just as scheduled and could not have been any fresher and it was delicious. We had our families along with family members to show up that I had never heard of (ha ha) and did they eat seafood. Thank you for a great service and I sure will be looking forward to ordering from you again.
Carnersville, Georgia

"The shrimp I ordered arrived as promised and I have to say it was some of the best tasting I have ever eaten.  I ordered the shrimp for my wife's birthday, she was very appreciative.  Thanks for your help. I whole heartily recommend your business."

Harris L.
Forest Lake, Minnesota

"The food, people, packaging etc. were great.....rave reviews...and I plan
on using you again for other corporate awards..."

Steven M.
Kiawah Island, South Carolina

"Just want to thank you for a delicious, FRESH, lobster, salmon, and shrimp feast which our daughter sent to us for my birthday yesterday.  It arrived in mid- afternoon ready to cook, and was tender and tasty. We will recommend you to our friends and relatives!"

E. Corrigan
Madison, Wisconsin

"I am a native of South Carolina living in Wisconsin. The seafood was very fresh. Superior quality. I would definitely use (Charleston Seafood) again."

P. Gray
Atlanta, Georgia

"My order arrived quickly, and the smoked scallops and mussels were to die for.  I am ashamed to say how fast they disappeared!  I am ordering more tonight.  My friend, for whom I had ordered the gift certificate, tells me that the trout she ordered arrived fresh and delicious, and she has already enjoyed part of the order pan-broiled.   Since she is a very picky Internet shopper, this is indeed high praise.  I will recommend you to everyone I know."

C. Laws
Boston, Massachusetts

"The shrimp arrived yesterday in wonderful condition.   An instant party of 30 was assembled and you can guess the rest!  Thanks so much for your help."

M.A. Stevens
Cleveland, Ohio

"My In-laws are in there 80's and they have eaten allot of lobster in there life time and when they called to say they received the lobster I was excited to hear that they were the best Lobsters they had ever eaten.  ...... Thanks for making a very Happy Holiday for two Lobster lovers..."

Norah D.